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Dear Applicant:

In order to verify the Health Certificate for Goods by the Consulate Section of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran the applicants are required to provide this mission with following documents:

  1. The Verified Certificate for the Origin of the Goods.
  2. The Verified Sales Invoice.


All commercial companies should also take this into consideration that the Health Certificate of the Goods would not get certified by itself.

To legalize any kind of commercial and corporate documents, the requirements are as follows:

  • Fill in the Commercial Application Form
  • Documents must be certified by the local Board of Trade, Australian Chamber of Commerce, or Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia.
  • A pre-paid way bill for the return of the documents.
  • An extra copy of the documents for our file.
  • Money order payable to the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Australian Dollars.

    (Please pay attention that the Embassy does not accept online money order.)

  • The legalization fees are per document (copies need extra charges) and based on the following tables:

Fees for Legalization of Documents 


Invoice Amount(Australian Dollar)

Fees to be paid for Original Invoices & certificates ( Australian Dolalr)

1          Dollar to  243       Dollar

29      Dollar

244        Dollar to 2425      Dollar

96       Dollar

2426      Dollar to 12121    Dollar

172     Dollar

12122    Dollar to 24243    Dollar

346     Dollar

24244    Dollar to 121212  Dollar

672     Dollar

121213  Dollar  over

1344   Dollar


Fees For Legalization Of Health Cerificate 


Amount of the Health Certificates


Fees to be paid for Health certificates


1        Dollar to  243    Dollar

29      Dollar

244    Dollar to 2425    Dolla

96      Dollar

2426  Dollar to 12121    Dollar

172    Dollar


Ministry of foreign affairs,
Islamic Republic of IRAN,
All Rights Reserved - 2014