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Study In Iran

Why Study in Iran?

Iran is currently one of the world’s leading countries regarding its higher education system’s rate of growth. As a country with a young population and plentiful resources, and the fact that it houses a number of Asia’s leading universities and research centers, Iran is already becoming a favourite higher education destination in its surrounding region and Asia.

Living in Iran

Iran, a country with a history of over 3000 years, is the 18th largest country in the world and the 17th most populated nation. As a country with a reputation for its hospitality, and given its growing modern and urban lifestyle, you will soon find yourself at home once you start your studies here. Whether it is academic opportunities you are looking for or you are interested in the rich and versatile culture, you will surely find what you seek.

EducationIran, Irans Center for the Internationalization of Higher Education(Your Gateway to a Myriad of Opportunities, Universities in Iran, present in every region and city, cover a highly extensive range of majors, programs and courses. From medical and life sciences to the fields of humanities and social sciences to the vast number of programs in engineering and technology, you will surely find your program of choice. There is plenty for everyone!)

Study in Iran Educational Consulting (Study In Iran offers the highest quality of student admission services on the market that assists international students to get guaranteed admissions to universities in Iran.)

Islamic Culture & Relations Organization ( This organization provides short-term and long-term Persian courses available for all international applicants.)

Imam Khomeini International University (IKIU)( IKIU with six faculties could, suitably, meet various educational preferences of students. Also, Persian Language Teaching Center which has been hosted students from more than ninety-six countries so far, enjoying equipped language labs, library, and computer site will, definitely, create a joyful and memorable atmosphere for students to learn the rich Persian Language.)

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